Happy 1st Birthday

What a year it’s been…when 2 city slickers bought an 1100-acre cattle farm with vineyards (including 5 grape varietals) and the Redbank Myrrhee Ridge Vineyard management rights AND a bed and breakfast with absolutely no CLUE about running any of it! Talk about biting off more than you can chew (or drink!).
Thankfully we have a very knowledgeable team with years of experience guiding us and continuing to run the place as we set about learning all that we could from them.
If you haven’t visited us in the past 12 months, here’s what you missed:
-an upgrade and renovation of the Garden House, previously not rented out, see the pics below of this cosy and comfortable cottage

-a breakfast bar added to the Eyrie so guests have more room to prepare simple meals


-the foyer of the Eyrie building transformed into a lounge room for the Den, upgrading this accommodation option from a single bedroom to a suite including lounge room. Watch this space for more on this developing project.
-ongoing paddock management that probably won’t mean much to our guests, but you may notice the views are even better as we replace thistles, overgrown blackberries and rocks with beautiful grazing paddocks for our horses and cattle
-the addition of 8 hens and 1 rooster providing us with more eggs than we can eat daily which means farm fresh eggs for you when you visit if you like
-we farewelled mighty Gideon, the horse and welcomed 2 new additions to Harry, JD and Ben: Wilbur and if you can believe it, Horse (the horse) bringing our gelding count up to 5. Those boys better watch out because soon Splash the pregnant mare will be joining the pack, or more probably, ruling the pack!
-we survived our first vintage, that crazy time of year when the grapes come off the vines at just the right time based on their baume (sweetness), acidity and pH that is perfect for the wines they are going into. What you might not know is that the harvesting of the grapes is scheduled by the wineries buying the grapes and the entire King Valley uses one processing plant in Whitfield so your harvest time might be midnight or 3am or 6am, making for a 4-6 week period jammed with activity and not much sleep! Here’s a pic of our dedicated crew on our last night:

Scott Flanagan, Chris Lindsay, Dave Northey

Scott Flanagan, Chris Lindsay, Dave Northey


-we renamed the property! We loved Mt Bellevue but as Mt Bellevue is the place comprising the entire hill, we wanted a more descriptive name so elevation652 at Mt Bellevue was born. elevation652 (with lowercase ‘e’) represents the 652metres above sea level where we sit, on our special piece of Mt Bellevue—at the very top of the mountain!

It's been a wild ride so far but one thing emerged over this past year, the joy that comes from sharing the property with our guests. To see the look on your faces when you see the magical views for the first time or to hear your stories of previous visits and the many reasons why you come back brings us tremendous joy! Thank you.
See you next time,
Michelle & Phil

Michelle Ross